The harbour is private and is managed to support the fishing and preserve its fabric and atmosphere for the public good.  It is owned by Cove Harbour Conservation ltd, which is owned by the owners of the Blue Cabin by the Sea.  Profits from the Blue Cabin support the harbour.

Lobsters and Crab can usually be obtained direct from the fishermen, who generally go out every weekday when the sea is suitable.

The harbour welcomes all careful members of the public but it reserves commercial photographic and film rights.  It does not permit drones or jet-skis.

Recent work has included clearing of mud slides off the access track, improving drainage, bringing the top of the track in by 2m, repairing the path to the beach and the foreshore, opening up the sea cave, constructing new stone steps from the harbour to the beach and planting more than 1000 trees.  The next major project is repairing the pier.

To make a donation and for other information on film rights etc. see www.coveharbour.co.uk