The Cabin

Living Room

From its elevated position the Living Room commands the best views of the harbour, children playing and visitors on the beach, the tide coming in and going out, the boats going fishing when they can and the shipping in the distance. Occasionally seals and even dolphins can be seen. Internally the room is furnished with two Orkney chairs, other antiques, pictures, prints and treasures of all kinds. For a rainy day there is an extensive library and a warming stove. There is also WiFi and a smart TV. There is no need to venture out to enjoy Cove.

Regrettably the Blue Cabin is unsuitable for people with accessibility issues due to the rough ground, sandy beach, uneven steps, narrow doors and some constricted spaces.


Off the Living Room is a tiny galley kitchen, with hob, microwave, fridge and even a dishwasher. The unique bronze cupboard handles and towel hooks were specially made by a sculptor for the Blue Cabin, modelled on seaweed from the harbour.

Bedroom 1

A cosy box bed fits two and with the window open just a crack, the sound of the sea fills the room. If it’s sunny the morning light streams in and illuminates the view of the harbour. Cleverly designed shelves and drawers give lots of storage.

Bedroom 2

A specially designed bunk bed makes a perfect room for children, and good for adults too. Charts of Christmas Island and other exotic places connect the Blue Cabin with adventures around the world and the shipping on the horizon.

Shower Room

A heated floor makes the shower a luxury, perfect after a swim in the harbour.

The Terrace

Many guests spend all their time on the terrace admiring the views and enjoying the wildlife. There is a built-in barbeque and generous seating. There is even a small raised bed with rosemary, sage, thyme, bay and other useful herbs. At the Blue Cabin the night skies are superb.


Blue Cabin floorplan

The Blue Cabin is cosy at all times of the year and welcomes your enquiry